Publication Date : 23/12/2023

DOI: 10.26772/cijds-2023-06-02-14

Author(s) :

AJAYI, Oluwole Victor, AJALA, Emmanuel Olutola, AGBOOLA, Olusegun Isaac, ABIODUN, Oluwasegun, NWAOBI, Jeremiah, OSOKOYA, Korede.

Volume/Issue :
Volume 6
Issue 2
(12 - 2023)

Abstract :

The study investigated the use of lighting in Nigerian fashion houses. This is built on the observation that most fashion houses are not purpose built. This leads to poor use of day light usage; necessitating the use of artificial lighting which often increases their cost of production. Aside from the effect of poor utilization on the operational cost of fashion houses, it has consequential effect on the wellbeing of staff as well as the quality of materials produced. In view of these shortcomings, the study adopted a case study approach to examine how fashion houses in developed economies have been able to incorporate day light strategies in their construction plans. The study examined three global fashion houses namely; Vionnet’s historic building, CafèModa, and Monsoon Flagship Store. From the analysis, it found that the use of day light strategies improved users experiences as well as reduce operational cost at Vionnet’s historic building. Similarly, the louvre system adopted at CafèModa enhanced users’ ability to control the light penetration depending on times and demands. This enhanced staff productivity as well as reduced expenses on electricity bills. Lastly, at Monsoon Flagship Store, it was found that skylight strategy was used. In as much as it guaranteed the penetration of solar energy, it was found that it could generate heat which could threaten the quality of fabrics used in clothe production. From these findings, the study concluded that Day light not only offers an aesthetically pleasing effect within a space but it also allows for interiors to be well lit free of charge throughout most parts of the day according to the seasonal variations. However, its usage must be within the ambience of industry and environmental regulations.

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